Our Story

As a licensed educator, I have a passion for learning. I believe that learning is one of the most important things you should incorporate daily. That isn't just for children or students, but for everyone both young and old. I am constantly learning new things and discovering ways that I can impact the world. 

As a child, my mom had a Cricut machine and I always enjoyed making things with her. I never felt particularly crafty, though, probably because I was too much of a perfectionist and very indecisive. As I got older and went off to college and then on to teaching, I found myself creating something new - engaging lessons for high school math students. If you know anything about kids and math, you know how hard this can be! 

The best part about being a teacher was all of the new things I had the opportunity to learn and experience myself. Around 2018, a coworker and I, with the encouragement of a friend, dove into learning how to create designs and use a 3D printer. We found new ways to teach and engage students with the things we could create or teach them to create themselves. Our passion for 3D printing grew and we found ourselves at a new school with access to a much larger printing lab called the STEAM Center. Together we decided to expand our lab and capabilities to include laser engraving.

As I learned how to use this new machine, I realized that I found something I loved just as much as teaching. My desire to create things was reignited and I decided to purchase a laser engraver of my own and Radiant Maker, LLC was born.